The Confessions Of Emerald Bay

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Confessions Of Emerald Bay

100% fiction!

Whilst Emerald Bay was working at her job as a Care Assistant, she was talking to one of her work Colleagues about sunbeds her colleague told her about a local hair salon which had a sun capsule.

So the next day when Emerald Bay had her day of work and Emeraldbay paid a visit to the salon and booked a sun capsule session of 35 Mins at the rate of ?25.00,after the session was booked Emerald Bay was in the sun capsule every other day then going of to the local bar for a Latte or a small glass of wine.
In the salon she brought some sun tanning lostion to make her tan quicker which was expensive also, the lotion was called Emerald Bay so thats how I came up with my alias name.

At this time I was getting fed up with my personal apperence same clothes ,hair style, so I decided to change my hair colour to /blonde/">blonde as my grey hairs was starting to appear (shock to the system if nothing else).By this time the tanning sessions was in progress,New hair style,make up,dont forget the new /underwear/">underwear now I was ready to impress.

Being the new me I had to impress to my husband,which wasnt to difficult.As time went on, I was getting more and more confident about myself,which was th /first-time/">first time in a long time wearing make up and earrings to work,I was having loads of comments from my work colleagues such as "Who are you going to meet after work then"? So I knew I was doing ok.

A few weeks later My husband and I xxx went out for a drink and then went for a drive around the local area we parked the car up in a layby by then it was rather dark and we had sex in the car,couldnt believe it the first time in many years.The last time we had sex in a car was in the earlier stages of our relationship and he lasted 30 secs what a let down (what a let down knew I had to do some sex training LOL).

So after some research we wondered what a shag in a car was , we did not know it was called dogging learn something new everyday.

Not long after that I watched a program on television about swingers so yet again I looked up on the internet.Then all of a sudden we porn videos download were talking about fantancies,his fantansy was seeing his /wife/wife-fucking/wife-being-fucked/">wife being fucked by another man whilst he watched and at the end he would get sloppy seconds.
My fantacy was having a fireman in his uniform whipping his hose out and then the threesome the thought of 2(two) men wanting to shag you at the same time. One guy shaging you in the right hole and Emerald Bay wanking the other guy wot power LOL, "Im in control".

Once we found out what dogging was about we decided to test the water by putting a profile on a few dogging sites and swinger sites, but of course they were fake profiles and fake pictures copied and pasted onto the sites which are still on today.But to our /surprise/">surprise we was swamped with offers and pictures of cocks and fannies.Couldnt believe it how sex was so fun. We decided to join the fun and got into cybersex and dirty chat on the phone and MSN what fun we had upto the early hours of the morning chatting sex was getting even better yippee!