Me My Wife and Men revised

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Me My Wife and Men revised

I awoke the next day after having the best nights sleep ever. I tried to open
my eyes but they were stuck together from the night before. I finally got them
open and looked at my wife who also had cum on her face and in her hair. I got
out of bed and went to the kitchen to get something to drink when I heard
someone say is that you Stacy. I immediately recognized the voice to be Rods’
but my wifes’ name is Samantha so I answered no. Rod got up and came to the
kitchen and said yes you are Stacy and you will talk in a more feminine voice
from now on. I answered back to him in a woman’s voice ok. He then told me it
was yes sir. He then asked me what my name was and I answered Stacy sir. He
then headed back to the living room and told me to bring him something to drink.
I answered yes sir and did as I was told.

I went to the living room and gave him his drink, as I did this I noticed he had
a camera. He then said Stacy I need you to /model/">model for me. He got up and first
wanted a close-up of my face with his dried cum on it and in my hair. Then he
started to take full body shots and told me to model. He told me to bend over
and put my hands on the coffee table so he could get some more pics. At this
point the got a close up of my panties he made me wear which were pink satin
with the wording RODS /bitch/">bitch in white. They were bokep sma pecah perawan stuck to me because of his
pre-cum. Samantha walked in and he started to take pics of her too with cum all
over her. He then told her to look at her sissy husbands cock. He told me to
lift my nighty so she could see that my tiny penis was hard. He then told us to go get in
the separate showers and told us which ones to use.

When I got to the bathroom there was a letter telling me what to do.
1.The first thing it said was to clean myself with an enema.
2. Take a shower and use hair remover all over my body to make sure there is no
hair. Including pubic.
3. Do not lock the door.
That was all that was on that letter. So I followed the directions and cleaned

When I got out I noticed another letter and a bag had been placed on the
1. Get the silicone breast out of the bag and put them on. The breast had and
adhesive on them. They were 36C which is a nice size for me because I am about
5’10’ and 160 lbs. I followed the directions and put them on. They looked so
2. Put the garter belt, stockings, and bra on first. Put your panties on over the garter belt and stockings because that’s how whores wear them. The panties, garter belt, stockings, and bra were all black lace.
3. Make sure your little penis is tucked back so it is not showing.
4. Look in the closet and get the French Maids uniform. It was black with a
white lace apron.
5. Put it on. I put it on and it was a size too small. I finally got it zipped
up and it had my cleavage showing. I realized he bought it small for that
reason. It came down about 2 inches below my butt.
6. Put the name tag on. The name tag said Stacy on it.
7. Go directly to your wifes' bathroom. I did this after looking at myself in the
mirror. I looked very sexy.

I went to my wifes’ bathroom and knocked on the door and she opened it. She was
wearing the same uniform I was. She then told me to sit down so she could do my
make-up and nails. She first put some fake nails on me and painted them red. She also painted my toenails red. Then my make-up which she used a bright red lipstick. She made me look like a /whore/">whore. Then she done my
hair in the same fashion as the night before. After that she handed me some
black 3’ high heels. We looked in the mirror and we were both so sexy. I really
looked like a woman. We then went to the living room as instructed by the letter
and fixed some breakfast.

As we finished Rod came out of our office. We all sat down and ate breakfast.
Rod told us he had something to show us on the computer when we finished. We all
finished and went to the office. He turned on the computer and I was shocked to
see our wallpaper was pictures of me. He then got on the internet and typed in
Rods Bitch and it went to a website. The title page was the picture of me bent
over the table with a close-up of RODS BITCH. He went through the website and
showed us all the pictures. Then he turned off the computer and said lets go.

He walked towards the door and opened it. I hesitated and he said Stacy your
dressed like that for a reason, your going to clean my house. We live in an apartment complex on the third floor. Rod led the way and took the stairs. I was so relieved because none of my neighbors passed while we were going down the stairs. Rod slowly unlocked the car and told us to get in the back. We started to his house and the worse thing happened he got pulled over. Immediately the cop noticed me and Rod
Invited him over for a /party/">party when he got off work.

We got to his house and he told us to get to cleaning because he was having some
guys over to watch the game. We started to clean and he came up behind my wife
and told her how sexy she was and started to grab her tits. I continued to clean
and lost track of them. All of a sudden I heard my wife moaning so I go to the
room were I hear the sounds coming from and he starts to fuck her hard in the doggy
style position. She starts to scream fuck me over and over again. They switch
positions a couple times. I notice that I have a hard on. After she came at least 5 times he
starts to cum in her. As he came I walked away and started to clean again. A few
minutes later Rod found me and told me to go stand in front of the coffee table
and bend over. He comes in a couple minutes later and started to paddle me. With
each swat he made me thank him. Then he told me that he did not give me permission
to watch them. I then apologize to him.

The doorbell rings and he tells me to answer it which I do and there are 5 guys
at the door. I let them in and take there coats. He tells me to bend over again
and the guys start to paddle me. Once again the doorbell rings so I go answer
the door and it is the cop, still in his uniform. All the men sit down and start talking as I get them
drinks. Rod tells them I will get them whatever they want.

One of the men says You sure do have a fine maid, she has very pretty lips. Rod
says ’Stacy put your lips to work.’ I didn’t understand what he meant until the
guy started to unbutton his pants. I made my way over to him and went to my
knees. I leaned down and slowly took his cock in my mouth. I started to give him
a blow job I could tell he liked it because he was moaning. As I’m sucking his
cock another guy gets up and stands beside me and starts to stroke his cock so I
take his cock in my mouth and stroke the other guys cock. Then another guy stand
beside him and takes his cock out so I grab it with the other hand and stroke
it. One of the other guys says why don’t we go to a bedroom so we have more
room. At that point the guy took his cock out of my mouth and we headed to the
guest room. All the guys took off there clothes and turned on some music. They
then told me to strip. I did a strip tease for them. All I had on was may panties, garter belt, and stockings. One of the guys told me to get on my knees where whores are supposed to be.

I started sucking his cock and a couple guys gather around me so I suck there
cocks and stroke them. One of the guys pulled me up off of my knees and pulled my panties down. He put me on the bed on my back, with my ankles on his shoulders and sticks his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in my ass. It hurts at first because he didn’t use any lube but soon started to feel good. As he started
fucking me one of the guys positioned himself by my head and stuck his cock in
my mouth. I could tell that the guy fucking me was close and he pulled out.
Another guy flipped me to the doggy style position and put his /cock/big-cock/">big cock in me.
He was so big it felt great. Two guys got on the sides of me and I alternated
sucking there cocks. The guy fucking me pulled out and another entered me. While
he was fucking my ass I kept sucking cock. As that guy pulled out the next
pulled me off the bed and bent me over a chair and fucked me like that. Then the
next guy was laying on the bed and told me to come ride his cock. I made my way
to the bed. I slowly lowered myself on his cock. I then noticed my wife in the
corner of the room (I hadn’t seen her since her and Rod were fucking) with a /camera/video-camera/">video camera. I noticed that she was no longer wearing her maids uniform. She was wearing a pair of skin tight pants and a black tee shirt. The shirt had MY HUSBAND LOVES COCK printed on it. I started to fuck him hard when I saw
that. He told me to get off and the cop got me and told me he was going to make
me his little bitch. The cop /ass/ass-fucking/fucked-my-ass/">fucked my ass the hardest of the previous guys.

Rod told everyone to move as he got on the bed he told me to get on my back. He
started to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder and better than any of the other guys. He told me to
rub my little penis when he started to get close. I could tell he was almost
there as he sped up I did to. At an instant he let his cum go in my ass. As he
came I came all over my body. He told me to get up and put some black panties on
which said I /cock/love-cock/">love cock on them. My wife got a close-up of me putting the panties on. He told the other guys they could cum now. The first guy told me to get on my knees and suck him which I did. He started to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth and told me to hold it in my mouth. My wife got a close up of the
cum in my mouth. Then they told me to swallow which I did. As I did two guys started
to cum on my face at the same time. Once again my wife got a close-up They told
me to lay on the bed face up and one guy positioned himself on top of me by my
crotch and started to jack-off.

He got close and lifted my panties up and came
on my cock. As he did this one guy came on my face again all over my lips and in
my hair. The last guy stuck his cock in my mouth and told me to suck it you
little whore. I started sucking and my wife had a close-up. He started cumming
in my mouth and I could not catch all and it came out the sides of my mouth. My
wife told me to stand up so she could get a good view of me. She got a close-up
of my face and the front old waman xxxgx of my panties where the guy came on my cock. Then she
got the back Where I LOVE COCK was printed and all the cum leaking from my ass.