My First Swinging Experience

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My First Swinging Experience

Although it has been a few years now, my first swinger experience was very memorable. There have been dozens of /swinger/swinger-couples/">swinger couples since that first swinging experience but I remember it like it was yesterday.

I had always had a strong sex drive but have never really considered swinging. That is, I never had considered it until a close friend revealed to me that they were swingers. When Beth said that she and Marcus were swingers I was shocked! I hardly knew what to say. Swingers!?? Beth and Marcus?! I couldn't imagine. Beth was a PTA officer and taught Sunday school at the church down the road! Marcus owned and operated a successful landscaping company in the area.

How could they be swingers? Marcus didn't wear leisure suits and gold medallions and have big sideburns with flared tips! And although Beth was extremely buxom, she didn't wear tube tops and platform shoes. If they smoked pot, I certainly never knew about it. They both seemed so--normal. It didn't make sense.

”I know what you are thinking,” Beth said. ”I had all kinds of misperceptions and ideas about who swingers were. But I can tell you that virtually none of that is true! At least anymore,” she added. I just shook my head and said, ”I don't know what to say. I thought you had a good marriage.” ”Oh, but we do!” she replied. ”Marcus is wonderful! And our marriage is stronger now with swinging than it ever has been before.” ”I have a hard time believing that!” I retorted. ”No, it's true.” Beth said

She then went on to explain how most of the couples who are swingers are very average and very normal people. Today's swingers are the plumber and /doctor/">doctor and administrators you meet every day in Wal-Mart. You would have a hard time knowing who was a swinger and who was not.

Boy was that certainly true with Beth and Marcus! She explained that after more than a decade of a successful marriage, Marcus and she started talking during sex and experimenting a little bit in bed. They would often talk dirty about what it would be like to watch each other having sex or having a third person join them in fully servicing the other. Marcus would tell her his /fantasy/">fantasy of watching her with another girl. And Beth admitted to fantasizing about repeating some of the bisexual experiences she had with others in the girl's dorm in college.

”OMG! You a swinger and bisexual!” I exclaimed. ”Oh don't look so shocked! You”ve hinted at some things in your past too!” she retorted. It was true. I had actually had several bisexual experiences in high school and in college, but I had always dismissed them as experimental. Still”.I did often have dreams reminiscent of those nights. I wondered to myself if I had been denying a part of myself all these years.

Beth explained how they had progressed from private fantasy to talking dirty during sex to daytime innuendo to actual suggestions. Marcus got on Swinger Social Network website and did some research, gave it to Beth to read, and the next thing they knew'they were at a /club/swinger-club/">swinger club hooking up with another brand-new couple they met online! Since then they”ve had all kinds of experiences and have never been more in love.

”Oh, come on!” I said. ”You”re telling me that watching Marcus fuck other women has made your marriage stronger?!” Beth's response was laughter. It was like a slap in the face. My comment seemed so absurd to her that it made her laugh! ”Yes Sweetie, it definitely has!” she said. ”It's fun and erotic and all playful and recreational. And at the end of the night, we always go home together.” ”Besides, he's not the only one who gets to fuck others.” she coyly said with a wry smile. My draw dropped, and then after a moment I laughed with her too. ”Ok. So I guess there are advantages for both of you.” ”Oh yes, and some of those advantages have been very very big!” she hinted. I laughed again. ”And young.” She added. We both laughed together at that.

Beth went on to explain that /swinger/swinger-sex/">swinger sex was spectacular, but that they have rules they follow, always talk things through, and never do anything they both don't agree to ahead of time. They had faced some jealousy issues in the past, but always worked out what the triggers were and did their best to avoid them again. In the end, swinging was about openness and honesty and trust. And it was those three traits that made their marriage even stronger than before.

”So you get all this spectacular swinger sex with multiple partners and your marriage is stronger than ever before?” I asked. ”Yes, more open, more honest, more accepting, more trusting,” she said. ”I don't ever worry about Marcus ever cheating on me. Why would he? He can have any woman he wants with swinging. Sometimes two!” she stated flatly. My jaw dropped again. Then we both laughed together again as I realized that almost all the rules I had thought applied to sex were no longer applicable in swinging.

”Hell, I wish I had a husband, then maybe I could try this swinger thing!” ”Oh honey, you don't need to have a husband to be a swinger,” Beth informed. ”As a matter of fact, single females are especially prized in swinging.” She told me about Unicorns and how much of a demand there was for single females in the swinger lifestyle. Nearly every /couple/swinger-couple/">swinger couple that starts out in swinging is looking for a single female to add to their fantasy'the men because they”ve had a lifelong fantasy of two women at once and the women to experiment or renew previous bisexual fantasies. It made me pause.

”Oh, I know that look!” Beth said. ”What?” I replied. She laughed. ”You”re wondering what it would be like to share a man with another woman.” ”No!” I said, feigning shock. ”Sure, sure.” Beth mocked. ”What about Marcus? You think you”d like to try him out for a spin?” This time I truly was shocked. My friend just offered her husband up for sex! ”Oh, don't act so surprised! I know you”d /fucking/fuck-love/love-to-fuck/">love to fuck him. You just thought it would never be possible because we are friends.” I was still shocked but had to admit to myself that I did lust after Marcus. His body was lean and muscular from all that landscaping work. I”d seen him sweating and digging outside before. He was so sexy and /athletic/">athletic! I would have fucked him a dozen times over if Beth and I weren't friends. But he was off limits. Or at least, so I thought.

”I”ve seen how you looked at him when his working outside,” she said. I blushed. ”Don't worry. That's why I love him. He's a sex god,” Beth told me. ”Besides. He's been looking at you too,” she said. I stared back at her. ”Oh yes, and he's done a lot more than just look at you,” she added. ”Why do you think I'm telling you all this after all this time?” I was amazed. ”So Marcus wants to fuck me too?” I asked, realizing how easily I was now saying 'too” with all this talk of swinging. Beth laughed sweetly again. ”Oh he's been asking me to talk to you for a quite some time now. I”ve just been looking for the right time to bring it up.”

”Wow! I can hardly imagine.” I said with my head swimming. ”Well why don't you come to dinner tonight and make your decision then?” Beth proposed. ”No pressure. Swinging is always about fun and recreation. Neither of us would want you to do anything that you weren't completely comfortable with.” I quickly started, ”I can hardly imagine that sex with more than one other person is ever comfortable!” ”Oh, you”d be surprised how easy and comfortable it is,” Beth said. So I agreed, and we made the date for that same evening.

I spent the afternoon thinking and rethinking everything Beth said to me. And I spent a lot of time thinking about Marcus. ” and what it would be like to have sex with him. They were offering up the opportunity with no strings attached just for fun and recreation in total openness and honesty. I found that very refreshing and oddly stimulating. I found myself fantasizing what it would be like to fuck him with Beth nearby encouraging us or even helping out. It was hot!

I took a shower and fantasized some more. I looked at the shaver and tried to decide if I should shave my pussy. Part of me thought that if I shaved my pussy I would essentially be planning to fuck Marcus. Another part of me said I was just being prepared. I tried to convince myself that I was still uncommitted, but went ahead and shaved anyhow. I took a little extra care with putting makeup on and then tried to decide what I should wear. I chose a black dress instead of the red one. I thought that the red one free porn movies download would signal that I had already decided to join them in bed. The black one was sexy but not yet decided. That said, I didn't put on any panties”and it showed.

Fast forward a few hours and I'm nervously standing at Beth and Marcus” door trying to get the courage to ring the doorbell. My mind and feelings fluctuate among excitement, horny, nervous and terrified. I'm trying to figure out why this night should be any different. I”ve been to their house a dozen times. Why is this time any different? ”Because you might be fucking both of them in a wild threesome before the night is over! That's why!” I tell myself. I consider just running off the porch and pretending I was never there; tell them I was sick and cancel. Yet I still find myself standing there.

The door suddenly opens without me knocking and Beth is smiling at me. ”Come on in you!” she says, ”We”ve been waiting for you.” ”Sorry. I can never seem to get ready on time for anything,” I reply meekly. ”Oh Sweetie! No pressure here. Just friends.” ”Thanks,” I say and hand them a bottle of red wine for the meal. Beth accepts the wine graciously with a quick glance and leads me into the house.

Their home is a standard ranch style which they have decorated to their own eclectic taste with lots of masculine oversized leather furniture mixed with more feminine understated Asian art and coverings. Beth steers me to the open living room and calls out to Marcus in the backyard where he is grilling. Marcus pops his head in through the sliding glass door and says, ”I couldn't remember what you like, so I”ve got both salmon and some kebabs grilling for dinner.”

”Both sound wonderful,” I reply. He smiles, says ”Good” and retreats into the backyard by the grill. A wonderful scent of cedar and caramelizing red meats wafts into the room and I find myself suddenly hungry. I remember that I was so distracted and nervous this afternoon that I forgot to eat lunch.

I recall other meals here with Marcus and Beth and realize that I'm in for a treat. Marcus is a wonderful cook. He does far more than just burn meat. He really knows his way around the kitchen. You would never imagine it looking at him. There was a sort of cognitive dissonance reconciling the tall muscular landscaper in work clothes with the man in the apron grilling salmon on cedar planks and marinating beef cubes in sherry with cumin and cinnamon. Beth made some couscous and I helped in the kitchen by slicing the courgettes and halloumi cheese.

An hour later we are all at the table eating gourmet food, drinking a Burgundy auslese wine selected by Marcus, and talking and laughing in vibrant conversation as effervescent as the wine we were drinking. I felt so relaxed, so at home, so at ease. All my nervousness from before was gone. My body was warm, my senses calm, and my mind serene. I looked at Beth and Marcus as they spoke. They both were so beautiful. Beth was blonde, curvy and buxom. She was warm and friendly and exuded a kind of healthy farm girl sexuality. Marcus was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. He had deep brown eyes and black hair.

He stood about six foot four and had the chiseled features of a film noir private detective. I”d seen him working in the yard with muscles straining against shovels and rakes. And I”d seen the bulge in his pants. I glanced down now and saw again the bulk of his package in the slacks he was wearing that looked as big as ever. I imagined he must have a very thick and long tool to make a bulge that size visible from the outside. I wondered if he was a grower too. Would his cock get even larger than it currently appeared if he were aroused? I'd like to know I thought to myself.

I suddenly realized that no one was talking and the conversation had stopped. I looked up from Marcus” crotch and Beth asked, ”Did you not hear my question? What were you daydreaming about, honey?” I shook my head and said, ”I'm sorry. The wine has gone to my head. What did you say?” ”She asked you if you if you wanted another drink.

But perhaps you”ve had enough,” Marcus laughed. ”Oh, I don't think it was the wine she was thinking about,” Beth said. I blushed and couldn't think of anything to say. Clearly I had been staring at Marcus” crotch when they caught me and I knew it. Marcus came to my rescue and said, ”Well I will make us all an after dinner drink and we can retire to the living room. And our lovely guest can nurse it as slow as she likes.” He looked at me and smiled. I looked into his eyes, and they twinkled with amusement. Oh yeah, I was busted. ...and oddly, I didn't care.

Marcus made our drinks, and Beth and I moved to the couch in the living room. I was still feeling relaxed but my skin was flush and I could also feel a warmth slowly spreading between my legs. I thought maybe it was the wine, but I realized it was really hormones and horniness. ”He's quite something isn't he?” Beth said. ”Marcus? Oh yes. I”d forgotten how good a cook he was,” I answered. ”He can cook alright,” she replied. ”Whenever we have guests I let him take the lead.” I sensed she was implying more than just the cooking, but I didn't follow up.

Marcus returned with the drinks and Beth stood up to meet him. She took a whiskey sour from his hand and sat down in an overstuffed chair opposite the couch. Marcus stood over me and said, ”What do you prefer? An old fashioned or a rum n” coke?” ”Oh, I'll take the rum and coke, please,” I answered. ”Good choice,” said Marcus and he sat down on the couch where Beth was before.

”We practically lived on rum and jerk chicken when we go to Jamaica,” Marcus said to me. ”Oh, have you been to Jamaica?” I asked. ”Oh we go to Jamaica all the time! Sun, rum, and cum!” Beth chimed in. Marcus gave Beth a look of humored slight admonishment, then smiled back at me. ”There's a great resort down there for couples,” Marcus said. He followed up. ”You may have heard of it. It's called Hedonism II.” Now I got it. Of course, Jamaica, the knowing looks, Hedonism'the notorious resort for unbridled open sex.

I laughed. ”Of course you two would go there!” They laughed with me. ”Oh it's not as /bad/">bad as people make it out to be,” Beth said. ”That's right. It's not a 24 hour orgy,” Marcus added. ”You have to eat some time!” We all laughed at that. I inquired more about the infamous resort, and they were happy to let me know what it was like. Over a couple more drinks they explained that they had been going twice a year for over a decade.

Beth had actually gone alone for a week with a group of girls! Marcus seemed fine with that. He just wanted to hear all the stories and the details when she got back. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. They seemed so happy and committed together, yet they were casually talking about friends and lovers that they had taken to their beds. It was open. I was frank. It was exhilarating. I never knew that people could be so honest and giving of each other.

I watched Marcus as he told stories of meeting couples in lifestyle clubs and partying until dawn in the hot tub a Hedo. He spoke so casually and told tales of ribaldry without blush or hint of apology. The two of them were so free'so uninhibited. They lived their lives without worry or concern what the rest of society thought of their actions. Listening to their stories of uninhibited living, I made my decision. I wanted this. I wanted this lifestyle. I wanted this freedom. And I wanted Marcus. I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to feel him inside me.

”So how does somebody get started in this lifestyle?” I asked coyly. Beth and Marcus exchanged glances. ”Well that's easy. You just make the choice,” said Marcus. ”You want to take the plunge?” Beth asked me. ”I think so. And I can't think of a more fun couple to start out with than you two!” I replied. ”Well, that's great!” Marcus remarked excitedly. ”But remember, you are always in control in the lifestyle. No means no; and you can always change your mind at any moment you wish.” ”Oh, I don't think I'm going to change my mind about this,” I said as I snuggled up to Marcus on the couch and began unbuttoning the top button of his shirt. He just smiled in return and pushed a lock of hair away from my face. ”Now that's what I like to see,” said Beth. ”You”re in for a treat!”

Marcus leaned into me and kissed me, cupping my face with his hand. I continued to unbutton his shirt, working my way down slowly. He kissed me more deeply and his hands started to range across my body. I instantly felt warmth between my legs and my skin began to feel electric against his touch. After the afternoon of fantasizing, the fine food, the wine and the sexy conversation I was so horny I could barely contain myself from ripping his clothes off his body.

I got the last of his button and began pulling his shirt tails out of his pants exposing his chest and abdomen. He was in such good shape! The sight of his bare chest and a six pack stomach inflamed me. I reached out and ran my hands across his bare chest and let them roam his body. He deftly unsnapped my bra and his warm hands were on my tits under my shirt. His touch sent waves of pleasure in my body and I could feel I was soaking my panties. I pulled his shirt down over his shoulders and leaned in to kiss and lick his chest. I felt out of control. I wanted him so badly. It seemed like it was just taking too long to get at his body. I was breathing heavy and flushed. I wanted to be naked and pressed against his hot flesh!

Marcus took ahold of my shirt and turned it inside out over my arms, pulling my bra off at the same time in one swift movement. Just like that the two of us were suddenly topless. A few moments ago we were talking and now our bodies collided in passion and kisses. He kissed by neck and shoulders. I ran my tongue along his chest and nipples. I reached down a too a hold of his massive tool through his pants. It was already hard and tenting his pants. It was even bigger than when I looked earlier! OMG, he was a show-er and a grow-er! I had to get my hands on this thing. I started swiftly unbuckling his belt and pants. He just looked down at me with a bemused expression on his face, like he was watching a kid open birthday presents.

He shifted his weight up and lifted his buttocks off the couch slightly so I could pull his pants off. I didn't wait on ceremony. I grabbed hold of all the farbric and pulled pants and boxers both down and off his legs in two seconds. As I did so, his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock popped out and sprung back up like a jack in the box. It was massive! I stopped dead in my tracks and just looked at this thing.

It was long and tan and had a huge vein running the full length along the side all the way up to the head. But more than anything, it was huge! Although I was new to all of this, I was no babe in the woods. I had a dozen lovers over the years and had seen plenty of cock, but Marcus had the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life! It wasn't just long and it wasn't just super thick at the base and then terminate skinny at the head like a wedge-shape I”d seen with some guys. No. He was huge, from base to head. Thick. Long. Heavy.

I must have been in stunned silence for a while because Marcus smiled and finally said with some amusement, ”Is that going to be enough for you sweetheart?” I heard his voice but I still couldn't break lock from starring at his massive tool. I nodded my head meekly and murmured breathlessly that ”Yes, it's the largest cock I”ve ever seen in my life.” I guess my own voice broke the reverie and I shook my head clear of the daze I was in.

I reached down and grabbed his cock. I felt its heat in my hand even before I gripped it. I encircled my palm around his shaft, my fingers barely getting all the way around it. I could see already that there would still be plenty of cock shaft left over even if I grabbed him with both hands! I looked Marcus in the face and said, ”I want to feel that inside of me.” It was more of demand than a statement.

Not even waiting for a response, I stood up and pulled my dress down and stepped out of it naked. I paused for a moment so Marcus could see my body naked in front of him. I am lithe and lean as a yoga enthusiast, so I might not be as voluptuous as some women, but I am extremely flexible and can hold poses for a long time. So what I lack in fleshy curves that most men like, I more than make up for in flexibility. Once I let him savor the sight of my body standing naked in front of him, I slinked up to his him and gripped his cock again with my left hand. Facing him with my hand on his massive tool I swung my leg over and pointed his cock at my pussy.

I was so fucking wet! As soon as I lifted my leg and put my pussy hovering over his cock, my juices strung down from my pussy to his cock. I lowered my hips onto his cockhead. I could feel the heat of his penis against my opening. I started to slowly lower myself onto his cock”impaling myself on his huge spear.

My walls were slick and wet and coated his cock instantly so there was no friction. Nonetheless, I felt my vagina being filled with his massive dick as I lowered myself on him and could feel him stretching my walls. It was s almost too much to take. It was slightly uncomfortable yet I felt compelled to lower myself even further on him and get as much of his cock into me as it could go. It seemed to go on forever! Expanding and filling me inch by inch unsure if I could take much more. Then I realized that I was still reaching behind me with a full grip on his cock. He still had at least a palm width of cock to go!

I rotated my pelvis forward and drew his cock back to the head and then back in again. The sensation of a huge cock pulling out and then pressing forward against my walls was overwhelming. I rotated back and forth a few more times making the softer fleshy part of his cockhead press hard against my G-spot. It was almost painful, yet the stimulation was hard not to repeat. Again and again. I released my grip and began lowering myself further onto his him. I slid down another inch onto his tool and could feel him against my cervix. I lowered myself still further, intent on bottoming out on his cock this time.

I felt his cock filling and stretching my vagina. My walls tightened and elongated as his penis pushed the top of my pussy up into my abdomen. It was too much! I could barely take it. I wasn't sure if I could take anymore when I felt his pubis make contact with me. I pressed down the last bit and then paused, indulging in the sensation of being so completely filled. I was at the limit of my abilities to accommodate his size.

”Now to start some serious fucking!” I thought. I pushed him flat on the couch and leaned forward and put my hands on his shoulders and chest and began rising and lowering myself on his cock”luxuriating in the sensation of feeling him withdrawing and then filling me up again. I could feel the heat of an approaching orgasm already. The fire started in my belly and was spreading up and down my spine. I could feel it building and growing every time his cock impaled me. The feeling was becoming hard to suppress, it was consuming me. I found myself thrusting myself harder and harder down his cock. The fire was washing over me.

My skin was electric. I gasped with each fuck thrust. I was panting like an animal. The dam broke. There was no stopping the orgasm now. I drew all the way up to the top of his cock, then thrust all the way down and started grinding my pelvis against his hips. His cock stretched me to the limits. I threw my head forward and looked into his face. His brown eyes peered back up at me'searching me out, watching me in the throes of orgasm.

My mouth opened and I grunted like a beast as I stabbed myself repeatedly on his dick. The orgasm racked my body. I jerked and twitched on his cock as I seized on it with my pussy. I threw my head backwards and looked upwards my mouth wide open in a soundless howl. I began moaning with ever increasing volume with each wave of the orgasm. I kept climbing to new heights. I didn't think I could last much longer.

I was clamped down so hard on his cock it was painful. Then suddenly I peaked and the orgasm began to collapse. I cascaded in pleasure as my senses began to return. I looked back down at a smiling Marcus. Apparently he had been enjoying my orgasm almost as much as I had! I collapsed forward into his arms and almost felt like weeping. He kissed me on the mouth and began slowly moving his penis in and out of me. My pussy twitched and full hd xvideo download shuddered in appreciation.

Suddenly I felt hands around my waist and warm breath on my neck. ”See? I told you were in for a treat.” Beth spoke softly into my ear. I felt her body, now naked, pressed against my back as she kissed the back of my neck. ”Oh my God, Beth! You get this every night!?” I said still in shock from the orgasm. ”Not every night,” she replied. ”There are plenty of other nights where others have an opportunity to experience him.”

 She kissed me again on the shoulders as in Swingers Lifestyle. ”And I often get to watch as well as share,” she added. I felt her slide her hand down my back and in between my legs as she grabbed Marcus” cock while he slid it in and out of me. The sudden sensation of another hand touching, manipulating and stimulating his cock and my pussy at the same time was out of this world. A whole new dimension of pleasure had been added.

Despite my recent orgasm, the sudden stimulation of feeling Beth's naked female body pressed against me and her kisses on my neck and shoulders coupled with her hand feeling and stimulating me while Marcus fucked me put me right back on the path. I moaned slightly in appreciation of her touches.

She repositioned herself more to the front so she could kiss me. As she began to kiss me I felt her hand now between my legs from the front”her fingers finding my clitoris. She began frigging my clitoris as Marcus began to intently fuck me. The stimulation sent me reeling. In no time at all I was fucking Marcus hard as Beth rubbed my clit as only a woman would understand how to do. She leaned forward and began sucking on my tits as she frigged me. I decided to return the favor and began rubbing Beth's clitoris also.

Marcus now began to fuck me with determination. Evidently the sight of the two girls kissing and frigging each other above him as he fucked was a huge turn on for him. I looked down at Beth sucking on my nipples and saw Marcus watching me frig her while he fucked me. I could tell he was seriously turned on and was starting to lose himself in his own build up to orgasm. ”Yeah, that's right big boy! /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard. Make us both cum!” I encouraged him. Marcus picked up the speed. I could feel his huge cock furiously filling and emptying me with each thrust and withdraw. I lifted myself up a little to give him the space he needed to fuck me without my weight holding him down.

He began fucking me harder as I felt his long thick member sliding in and out of me like a piston. I could also feel Beth's fingers encircling his cock and stimulating my clitoris and labia too. It was like being strapped into a fucking machine! Beth was sucking my nipples. Marcus was fucking me relentlessly with his tool. And the fluctuating and random sensations of Beth's fingers on both of our genitals kept invading my mind reminding me of the fact that I was fucking with three people instead of just two. I could tell I was going to cum again”and soon.

That realization made me take a quick check at where Marcus and Beth were in the process. Beth's eyes were half closed and she was panting in short breaths. My frigging was getting her there quickly. Marcus was even closer. His eyes had that wild look of desperation as he was approaching a finish line. Just a few. More. Thrusts. Knowing that each of them was just moments away from orgasm sent me over the edge too. Beth moaned loudly and began to shudder. She was starting. My pussy clenched down involuntarily in reaction to witnessing her orgasm that I was causing.

The extra grip on Marcus” cock sent him over too. He began to buck hard upwards into my pussy, then suddenly pause on a deep upstroke. He grunted and moaned loudly. Beth echoed his cries. I could feel him stiffen up even more inside of me and the head of his cock pressed hard against my cervix. I could feel the base of his cock pulsing with his orgasm and I could sense the heat and squirting of his cum blasting inside of me.

The sight and sound of their cumming sent me over the top too. My pussy started to pulsate and ripple with contractions around his cock. Once again my mind and body were racked by another strong orgasm as I came all over his cock. I lost track of who was grunting and moaning and crying out. All of our orgasms combined and flowed together into one central orgasm of pleasure. The three of us melted into one body of rolling and ebbing waves of pleasure. We all came down form the shared orgasm in an easy and comfortable state. We all collapsed into each other's loving arms wordlessly in contented sighs.

Although we were satisfied at the moment, the three of us went on to fuck each other throughout the night in various combinations and positions. They taught me many new things that night, and I have learned much more since then too. I have been with both of them many times since then, but that night will always be memorable for me because it was the start of a wonderful journey for me and my /first-time/">first time.