Geometric Friday 11


The Beautiful Windows at the Carrington Hotel

Earlier this week  we stayed again at the historic Carrington Hotel in Katoomba. It was a special occasion..our 38th wedding anniversary. We chose a “traditional room” – no spa or mountain views (views now spoiled by a modern shopping mall below) but with multicoloured bay windows.


Straight from Camera – except for cropping and straightening.

2VerticalWndowblueWEB 3VerticalWndowBWweb



Straight from Camera -except for cropping and straightening.

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Now it is your turn to add your geometric images. Remember they can be any  kind of art as long as it is your own work. Photography can be straight from the camera or processed. I would love to see a variety of media – fibre art, sculpture, drawing and of course, painting.

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Geometric Friday 10


As many do when they are young, we travelled the world – first as what is today called “backpackers” and later on, with our 10 year son, in slightly more comfortable, but still adventurous, conditions.

The first image is a scan of one of my many slides. When I first bought my little scanner, I scanned happily away for hours…then I stopped. Later I bought a new, wiz bang scanner even scans negatives…and once again scanned away…for a while. Finding this image has inspired be to get out those slides again. How many of us have all those memories tucked away in little boxes with yellow lids?

The place was India, the year was 1989, but unfortunately I have forgotten the city and the name of the building. I do remember that from up there, we could look down on a huge river scattered with water buffalo… a pretty amazing sight. Maybe I will find those slides too!


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Geometric Friday 8

Admission: Guess who forgot add the linky list to Geometric Friday this week??? I was so pleased with myself for getting it up early on Friday…but I made a big boo boo! I went off to work Friday and then all day Saturday…only to return to read your messages. I have added the link…late…sorry….but I hope not too late!


A Drain

Yes, a simple, ordinary drain but a drain has many geometric possibilities. Wherever I go now I seem to notice geometric shapes and I photograph these as often as I can. Sometimes with my phone and others with my camera. This time I had my camera handy.

I always mean to just have one image – one simple straight from the lens image – but it never turns out that way because I  always get carried away. Someone told me recently that they though that making art is a kind of meditation. I think they were right…time does fly and it IS hard to stop. I also find it hard not to end up with an orange work..I consciously have to keep changing colours. So a little orange has crept in here.

Thank you for  participating in this new meme and remember, it can be a straight from the lens image – unlike Mandarin Orange Monday, which is more about “playing” with photography (photo art) or any other media. One day I will play around with paint again..soon.



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Getting Ready for the New

A walk through the park means experiencing nature….but often nature that has had a little help from us. Here…the end of a palm’s life…but soon a beginning for the new..I hope.

It might just look like a pile of rubbish…but it caught my eye in the early morning light.



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Geometric Friday 7



Old Farm Structure

I am not sure what the original purpose of this shed was, but I do know it was a farm building, no longer used, but I think an interesting part of the farming landscape. If you go driving around the Cooma district of southern NSW, you might just find it;



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And now it is your turn to join in the fun on Geometric Friday. Remember, rules are simple – geometric shapes should be dominant in your image and of course it must be your work. It can be a photograph (straight from the lens), painting or art using any other medium.

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From Winter to Spring

Snow and Flowers

Originally I planned to show pictures of snow – a fairly rare thing in Australia. But then I thought – those of you in the Northern Hemisphere would probably prefer to look at flowers. So that is what I did – I added a flower for you especially.



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Geometric Friday 6



A Country Fence

Geometric Friday this week is about a fence…a fence near Bowral, in the Southern Highlands of NSW. The property is a dairy farm.


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Since I now work Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Geometric Friday usually ends up being finished often Friday morning, sometimes even late Friday morning. I will continue to try to get it up earlier…but at least it is now still Friday morning:)

Thank you for joining in and sharing your geometric art last week. I look forward to see what you have done this week. Remember, geometric is the only rule. It can be straight from the camera photography, digital art, painting, fibre art…any kind of art.

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Geometric Friday 5



My contribution to Geometric Friday this week is a single window – a very pretty window surrounded by ivy, which overlooks a peaceful garden. The window is in the original “older” section of Hopewood, where I relaxed and “revitalised” recently.

I also used my stay  there to “get on track” – meaning no more chocolate binges, among other things!

Last night one of my  7 year old students gave me a huge box of chocolates. She had planned to give them to me on the last day of term – little did she know back then I was right in the middle of a chocolate binge! Unfortunately, I was away sick and she said she was very disappointed when I wasn’t there. Me too! Aren’t little children wonderful? :)




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