Mandarin Orange Monday 89

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Don’t Ruin our Beautiful Botanic Gardens!

There is much talk and actually, proposals, to change and ruin one of my favourite places – one of many peoples’ favourite places – Sydney Botanic Gardens and its adjoining Domain gardens. Ruin it with buildings, permanent “sound shells” and …a hotel……  in fact, commercialise what has always been a very peaceful  and special place. I remember it as child, I remember it was the first place where my son touched grass….stretching out from his sheepskin rug, as a baby.

Already one side of it is is blocked from our view by  a huge building, known locally as “The Toaster”. Let’s hope our former Prime Minister, Paul Keating, can lead the way to having this development stopped.

Here are some pics I took on a recent visit. I have i ncluded  “The Toaster” wall too.

The first group are almost straight from the camera… just a little sharpening and changes in levels and curves.










I made several changes using Photoshop for the following series. As well as increasing Vibrance adjusting levels and curves, I also used tthe Selection Tool and Magic Wand to isolate areas. Next, changes with Selective Colour and Hue/Saturation.

1the-toaster-copyWEB2 2totheharbourWEB2 4Fireleaves_1-WEB2

67Orange&YellFlower_3-WEB2Linking to Nature Footstep Catching the Light



Photoshop’s Filter Gallery was next – Dark Edges and my favourite filter, Poster Edges.

9orangeflower-FLDR3WEB3 8Or&YelFlwr&BirdFLDR3WEB3

5fireleaves_2WEB4 10yellowflowerfldr4WEB4


And finally, playtime…using Topaz and Nix Color Efex filters.



TaosterPLayWEB 10yellowflowerfldrplay@WEB



So now it is over to you. Add your orangish pic to the linky list and let us all see what you have been working on this week. It would be nice if you visit each other too.

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Mandarin Orange Monday 88

I was lucky enough to visit Wallacia again this week so I have more images of the Australian bush. I only wish now I had have recorded the sounds of the birds, the Bellbirds and Whipbirds especially.

I couldn’t resist adding another wallaby. Two days before I arrived a wallaby gave birth – next to a doorway but sheltered by bushes…in the “Quiet Area” too! A couple of people were lucky enough to witness the birth of a joey. They watched the excruciating struggle of the mother and finally saw the little lump of the the tiny joey crawling up into her pouch. They said they would never ever forget witnessing this  beautiful experience.

Series 1- Straight from camera (almost)


 Linking to Nature Footstep Catching the Light







6AusBushWallaby_1WEB copy

 Linking to Our World Tuesday 


This week…well I might say……. I played with these images using Photoshop, listening non stop to Tom Waits. I still am. I wonder if his music is reflected in what I did?

All but the last two images were done using Photoshop and PS Filter Gallery. Mostly I relied on Hue/Saturation and Selective Colour changes. I also adjusted most  Levels and Curves as well as tonal contrast. I had hoped to write it up in detail for each one…but it is past my bedtime.

Being away this week not only meant I had just one day, Sunday, to do all the processing and publish this post. It also meant it wasn’t until today that I was able to visit you and respond to comments and contributions – thank you for both. I love seeing your work and reading what you have to say.

Now it is time to be a little selective. As always, I did too many variations and images! I know many of you do the same thing… it is so hard to stop when you’re having fun.

Series 2

In the following I used   Hue/Saturation and Selective colour to bring “orangify”. In some I used the lasso tool to isolate areas for complete desaturation.

1AusBush_2WEB 3AusBush_treebark_2WEB 4AusBush_2WEB 6AusBushWallaby_2WEB


Series 3

I introduced the Photoshop Filter in the images below – Poster Edges.



Series 4 3AusBush_treebark_3WEBB 4AusBush_3WEB 5AusBush_3WEB



Using Nik Color Efex and Topaz Clean – Stylise details


Linking to Nature Footstep Abstract


Linking to Paint Party Friday

A little of what I have been listening to all day:)


Now it is your turn. I am looking forward to seeing what you have done this week. Even though I was away this week, I did have my iPad and was able to see your images and read your comments…but I am afraid it became all too much trying to use the iPad for anything other than watching movies! So I apologise to all for not getting back to you until Sunday.

If this is your first time here and you would like to learn more about this challenge, have a read here.

Mandarin Orange Monday 87



The Wallaby

During my time away from LorikArt and blogging, I spent a few days in the Australian bush…well…almost. It was at a place called Wallacia, which is on the foothills of the Blue Mountains and actually the outskirts of Sydney. A beautiful, natural, peaceful place. One of the highlights of my stay there was seeing the wallabies. I even woke up one morning to find  one watching me from outside my window.



1. The Australian Bush. Photoshop-Sharpened. Curves and Levels adjusted.

Linking to Nature Footstep Catching the Light


2. As Above. Photoshop Hue and Saturation – all but Red, Yellow and Magenta removed. PS Selective Colour – Remove Cyan from Yellow, increase saturation of Magenta in Yellow. Increase saturation of Yellow. PS Photo Filter – Warming Filter 85. Adjust Levels and Selective Colour again.


3. Wallaby Watching Me. Photoshop-Sharpened. Curves and Levels adjusted.


4. Same adjustments as No. 2


5. Wallaby Still Watching Me. I dare not move! Photoshop-Sharpened. Curves and Levels adjusted.


6.Same adjustments as No. 2 and  No. 4


7. Wallaby  Thinking about Eating – but still watching me. Photoshop-Sharpened. Curves and Levels adjusted.


8. Same adjustments as No. 2, 4, 6.


9. Wallaby Bored with Me…maybe trusting me? Photoshop-Sharpened. Curves and Levels adjusted.


10. Same adjustments as No. 2,4, 6, 8.


11. Off He/She Goes. Photoshop-Sharpened. Curves and Levels adjusted.


12. Same adjustments as No. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.




13 .Play. Using Topaz Clean.

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wallaby4SQ-ABS_1WEB wallaby4SQ-ABS_2WEB

Linking to Nature Footstep Abstract


Welcome once more to Mandarin Orange Monday. Sorry about the “glitch”…my error in fact, last week, when the linky list didn’t open when it should have  done. I had set it to automatically publish and open…it published ok…but not the linky list. This week I will publish a little early, because, once again I won’t be around my computer at the usual time.  So I am playing it safe!

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But basically just click on the linky list pic and add your orange art. And please do try to visit some other contributors and say hi.

My Night With Bruce

I rarely go to concerts – who could afford to??!! However, last month I went to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band with my son. What a night! I still can’t stop thinking about it and listening to his music. It was also a special treat to go out with my grown up son.Just the two of us. After the concert, as we were making our way through the crowds, he told me to hold on to his t-shirt and follow him! Talk about role – reversal:)

I took a quick sneak a pic with my iPhone…and decided to play a little.




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Mandarin Orange Monday 86


Recent Orange Gifts

This week is about some of the orange objects that  have been given to me by family and friends recently. And being an avid “op-shopper” (hoarder? collector?) a couple of things I have actually given to myself…I have to admit:) Orange makes me happy! I hope my collection makes you happy today too:)


1. Collage. Images as taken with adjustments using PS curves, sharpening and increased vibrance.

First, the orange card, with a special handle too, given to me by Matty, my grandson, for my birthday. There are more drawings inside- which my son and daughter-in-law contributed to…and on the back Matty wrote some addition sums. Just for me!

His  4th birthday is today:) Happy Birthday dear Matty x

The candle, with the most beautiful aroma, was chosen by my son, Michael. He followed its aroma into a shop while he was on holiday- it turned out to be an orange candle!

The roses were a surprise  present from my husband. They also had a lovely aroma.

Those two shiny orange bangles were given to me by my sister. She chose the top one especially for me for my birthday. Her husband noticed the lighter one underneath in an op shop while they were on holiday and said “your sister would love that”! So I was given two bangles!

The bottle I found in an “antique/collectables” shop in the Blue Mountains, while on a short holiday. And the dress…..well how could I possibly resist it??!! I call it my happy dress:)

I processed the images individually and used Collage Factory Pro to make the collages.


2. Collage. Images individually processed using PS Filter Gallery – Accented Edges.


Collage 3. Images individually processed. First PS Selective Colour and Saturation changes. Second Topaz Filters – Clean and Cartoon.


1. Rose 1. Processes same as in collage plus Topaz Clean – Cartooned. PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges. Selective Colour and Curves adjustments.


2. Rose2.Processes same as Rose 1 except I used  Topaz Clean – Stylise Details instead of Cartooned. PS Poster Edges.


3. Bangles.Same as Rose 2. Topaz Clean -Stylise Details. PS Poster Edges.


4.Same as Rose 1. Topaz Clean – Cartooned. PS Poster Edges.

Linking to Nature Footsteps Catching the Light


5. Bottle. Same as above. Topaz Clean – Cartooned. PS Poster Edges.


6. Same as above. Topaz Clean (Cartooned or Stylise Details? sorry…I forget!) PS Poster Edges.


7. Umbrella. Same as above. Topaz Clean – Stylise Details. PS Poster Edges.


8. Play

Linking to Nature Footstep’s Abstract Wednesday

mom_badgewebAs always, looking forward to seeing your work.

Newcomers, you can find out more here - and welcome:)

Mandarin Orange Monday 85


It was lovely to see my old friends back and great to  see what people have been doing lately in their creative lives. Thank you for all your wonderful comments too, I really did appreciate them. It is nice to know there is such a community out there…and from all parts of the world too!

I am going to try to keep MoM simple for a while…ha! …we’ll see how long that resolution lasts!! Mandarin Orange Monday must remain fun …not only for me…but for you…fun, but also a sharing of our creative pursuits. I am afraid I was probably trying to do too much before…and that is why I took a break. As many of you, I am also working part time ( some of you full time! how do you do it??!) teaching little 8 and 9 year olds –  for the first time in years. Everything gets harder as you get older…but I really love doing it. I go home with a smile on my face….a tired one…but it is still a smile.

During my time away from MoM I  had three little holidays… just a couple of days for each one. The first was at the the beautiful Blue Mountains. Todays pics were taken at Govetts Leap Lookout.


1. Govetts Leap Lookout


2. Govetts Leap Lookout – a little closer.


3. Govetts Leap Lookout. Even closer.


4. No. 3 Orangified.


5. Govetts Leap. Looking down through the safety fence.


6. No. 5 Orangified and processed – PS  Saturation and Selective Colour.


7. No’s 4 and 6 combined. Nik Color Efex.


8. No 7 Played with….

Linking with Nature Footstep Abstract

Govetts LeapFence4Playweb

9. Final Play

Linking with Paint Party Friday

Techniques used were mainly default Photoshop, including Poster Edges Filter. I also used Nik Color Software  and Topaz Cartoon in one (can you guess which one?).


Once again, it is over to you. I look forward to seeing what you have been doing lately.

For newcomers, you can learn more about MoM here – but mainly – it needs to be your work, have some orange and be processed at least a little.

Mandarin Orange Monday 84


Mandarin Orange Monday is back at last.

I can’t believe the planned short break turned into such a long break…perhaps I will pretend it didn’t happen at all.  In fact I will! I am declaring this week Mandarin Orange Monday 84!

I hope everyone is well and I look forward to seeing my old friends – and their work – again:)

I have done very little digital work during this time…but I have taken lots of photographs which I will show you in the following weeks.

Todays pics are what I was working on all those weeks ago…I finished them today and  really enjoyed it. I had almost forgotten how much it is!

The pics show Manly Corso, taken  during our stay at Manly over Christmas. I was sitting on a bench waiting for my husband – looking up above me, down and just around  whoever happened to be passing by.


1. Manly Corso

2ManlyCorsobWEB _

2. Manly Corso – orangified


3. Manly Corso. Nik Color Efex.


4. Manly Corso – Looking Up


5. Manly Corso. Looking Up. Nik Color Efex.


6. Manly Corso. Looking Up. Multi Layers


7. Manly Corso – Looking Up and Across. B&W


8. Manly Corso. Looking up and Across. Orangified.


10.Manly Corso. Looking Up and Across. Multi Layered.


11. Manly Corso. Palm Tree


12. Manly Corso. Palm Tree. Orangified. PS Poster Edges


13. Manly Corso. Palm Tree. Photoshop play.


14. Manly Corso. Palm Tree…again :)


14. Manly Corso. Palm Tree. Photoshop Play


15. Manly Corso. Photoshop Play…again:)


Manly Corso. Finale. Multi Layers and Photoshop Play.

Linking with Nature Footstep”s Wednesday Abstract

mom_badgewebNow it is your turn:) You  can add a few if you like…since we are catching up!

If are new to MoM you can find out what to do here. There are also links to past Mandarin Orange Mondays here too:)

It really IS great to be back!!!