From Winter to Spring

Snow and Flowers

Originally I planned to show pictures of snow – a fairly rare thing in Australia. But then I thought – those of you in the Northern Hemisphere would probably prefer to look at flowers. So that is what I did – I added a flower for you especially.



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Geometric Friday 6



A Country Fence

Geometric Friday this week is about a fence…a fence near Bowral, in the Southern Highlands of NSW. The property is a dairy farm.


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Since I now work Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Geometric Friday usually ends up being finished often Friday morning, sometimes even late Friday morning. I will continue to try to get it up earlier…but at least it is now still Friday morning:)

Thank you for joining in and sharing your geometric art last week. I look forward to see what you have done this week. Remember, geometric is the only rule. It can be straight from the camera photography, digital art, painting, fibre art…any kind of art.

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Geometric Friday 5



My contribution to Geometric Friday this week is a single window – a very pretty window surrounded by ivy, which overlooks a peaceful garden. The window is in the original “older” section of Hopewood, where I relaxed and “revitalised” recently.

I also used my stay  there to “get on track” – meaning no more chocolate binges, among other things!

Last night one of my  7 year old students gave me a huge box of chocolates. She had planned to give them to me on the last day of term – little did she know back then I was right in the middle of a chocolate binge! Unfortunately, I was away sick and she said she was very disappointed when I wasn’t there. Me too! Aren’t little children wonderful? :)




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Turquoise Fantasy

During my week away at Hopewood, I was determined to become a gym junkie again. So as well as taking part in as many exercise classes as I could, I also joined the trainer for the morning walk. You could walk at whatever pace you wanted – each trainer had her own way of accommodating for the difference in ages and fitness levels. Most of the walk was through streets of huge new homes with great expanses of lawn and “garden features”. My favourite wasn’t one of the million dollar mansions, it was this tiny little house, built in the late 40′s – early fifties (like the house I grew up in). Both the house and the fence were painted bright turquoise and highlighted with a colourful cottage garden, both inside and outside the fence.

Next time I will show you images from the other walks, the Wattle Walk and the River Walk – the natural bushland that lies to the west of Hopewood.



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Geometric Friday #5


LIGHT HOUSE – a small child’s construction

Today’s images are based on a tower of chairs which sat in my study for two days and was the source of much  fun for our grandson  -  and much clutter for us. It was actually much taller than it appears here..with cushions stacked on top. The containers  housed  secrets ( some I am very glad to have rescued just now!). No. 4 has Matty’s choices of colour.  Perhaps another time I will show you one of the cubbie houses he often  builds in the lounge room:)

My apologies for being  a little late again this Friday. As you can see..there was much construction to be done and supervised…and deconstruction.



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I have added three more images….for Cees Fun Foto Challenge. The theme this week? Contrasting colour. I couldn’t resist joining in.



yellowandpurplechlnge-WEB copy

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Geometric Friday 4


The house where I grew up

The house where I grew up was built by my father in the early fifties. My parents and  I first lived in what later became the shed and laundry block while he worked on the main house. Last year we lost our Dad. We spent much of the year clearing it out…so many memories. These two pictures show two of my favourite parts of the house. The bathroom tiles, which I hope are still there and the wardrobes in the bedroom that my sister and I shared. All of course, made by our dear father.

I thought these photographs made a perfect starting point for Geometric Friday. I look forward to seeing what you have to show this week too.

Thank you to all who are joining in this new art/photo meme. Remember…any kind of art or photography…as long as the main element is geometry.








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White Bulls

Unlike sheep, bulls and cows seemed not to fear me or my camera at all. In fact, they appeared to be very curious, so curious that I backed off a little and hoped that the fence was sufficient protection. I assume they were bulls.  One of my country friends might tell me otherwise.

These beautiful creatures were also in the Oberon – Bathurst area of NSW. I can’t wait to return to the country again. City life has its positives but I think we all need to escape as often as we can to enjoy nature and its beauty….and most of all, peace and quiet.



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Some of my friends might remember this song…and Tommy Steele. I couldn’t resist adding it:)

 Tommy Steele singing Little White Bull. 1959



A simple railway construction, taken with my iPhone at Wentworth Falls, in the Blue Mountains. I tried to make it even more simple…but, instead, it became more complicated. I tried to keep out all orange…but It crept in. I tried to do only one image…it multiplied.

Welcome to Geometric Friday#3. Thank you for your visits, contributions and comments. I wonder if you have as much trouble as I do with self discipline ? It is a bit like chocolate for me…I try to eat none… but I won’t say how much I have had today! I wonder if there is a link? Of course there is:)



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