Ice, Snow and Gravel

On my recent holiday in the Snowy Mountains I took lots of photographs. The last time we went up to Perisher Valley it was very cold, by Australian standards…maximum 1C.. and snowing non stop. So it was easy and comfortably warm to take pictures from the edge of the building. The images are looking down to the gravel which was partly covered with ice and snow.




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Lake Eucumbene. Looking Down

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Lake Eucumbene

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The ramp that was a road.


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Lake Eucumbene is in the Snowy Mountains area of southern NSW. It is not just any old lake. Below it lies a town, now known as Old Adaminaby. This road, now a used as a boat ramp, was once the main road of Adaminaby. I remember as a child, walking through the “ghost town” with my parents, exploring an empty school and other wooden buildings which would soon be covered with water. I remember seeing the road disappear under water. Now when I look down it almost gives me the creeps because I know what lies under the water. They people made a new town, for a while called it New Adaminaby, but now it is  just  Adaminaby. In one of the shop windows I saw old post cards showing those old wooden buildings I remember so well.

Lake Jindabyne is the same. There is a town submerged below the water and the new town is now thriving – a popular stop off point on the way to the ski slopes.

Adaminaby is now still very small and its main industry is trout fishing. The town doesn’t seem to have changed all that much since I was a child…the new one that is. It has an eerie feel, to me.

Why did they do this? They put up dams, flooded rivers, so that the water flowing from the melted snow was diverted to drier areas inland for irrigation. Also hydro electricity is generated at the dams. In times of drought, when water levels of the lakes have been very low, we have seen not just old tree branches but tops of buildings emerging from the lakes. This week the lakes were very full – just vast areas of cold water and the very occasional fisherman’s boat.

Beautiful but Scary Creatures

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Snowy Mountains Creatures 

I am still on holidays in the Snowy Mountains area of NSW and what better food  to serve up to your visiting family (if they are NOT a vegetarian…as I am) but fresh trout. So off we went to the local trout farm. It was I sat in the car and admired the view. But then I became curious and walked around. Behind me was a typical Australian view but in front, a not so typical sight.

There were big, beautiful but scary creatures. I was very relieved there was a fence between us. Not your ordinary cow or bull… bison perhaps? A Scottish variety of bull? Maybe one of you will be able to tell me. They were huge and very, very hairy. Luckily they ignored went on eating grass, the other got his horns caught, for a very short time, in the tree branches.




Typical  southern NSW- Australian Landscape

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This creature was actually almost black. I made him a little lighter to show you his beautiful coat.




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Soon I will be showing you other creatures and sights I have come across this week.

Melting Ice, Cold and Me

Yesterday we visited the snow, at Perisher Valley, in southern NSW, with our family. It was little Matty’s first time at the snow – and it was actually snowing. brrr. Not only did Matty go tobogganing, but so did his daddy and Gramps. I just watched and took lots of photos and froze – happily though:)

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Architectural Rocks

This curious rock formation was the first of many I saw yesterday on the way to Dalgety, a little town in southern NSW. The closer you get to Dalgety the more numerous these groups of rocks become…all dragged by glaciers long ago.

See more of them, including a painting I did from a photograph I took in the early eighties at Mandarin Orange Monday #100. Big celebration day-including a GiveAway:)

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Glass and Tulips Past and Future

GLASS is the past. What does this mean? Simply, a glass ball was the subject of last weeks Mandarin Orange Monday.

TULIPS are the future? Tulips are the subject of next Monday’s Mandarin Orange Monday:)

Why have I done this?

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Cumquat Marmalade Update

You might remember that the subject of Mandarin Orange Monday 95 was the wonderful family present from my grandson, daughter in law and son – yummy cumquat marmalade with its own family label.

I was just checking through my comments again and found one I had missed. The writer was recommending a particular  recipe  for cumquat marmalade.

This is what she wrote -

The recipe for the cumquat marmalade came from “The Cook’s Companion” by Stephanie Alexander (She is an Australian cook, restaurateur and food writer). I found the recipe reproduced on this site

The only change we made was a half teaspoon of freshly grated ginger in the last 10 minutes of cooking. Not sure if this translates to orange marmalade but you could give it a try :)

I started to reply about the coincidence – I had given that very book to my son and his family….. until I back at the writer of the comment, “Matty’s Mummy”.

Some pics to prove how much Gramps loved it!


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Stephanie Alexander  -  even has a “Cook Companion App”

Mandarin Orange Monday 97



As you might remember, we have been taking little trips to the country and the mountains over the last few months….just a day two here and there, but enough  to feel refreshed and remember that there is more to life than what the city offers. We haven’t done that for a long time, so it really is like a new adventure.

This week I am showing you a collection of images of windows – from the ornate and exuberant to the homey. Most of them are quite old – some are of buildings still used and lived in and others are abandoned.



Window Collage. The images here were sharpened and Curves and Levels adjusted using Photoshop.

The following collection of images has been edited using Photoshop Filter Gallery. They were orangified using Hue/ Saturation, Selective Colour and finally adjusted with Shadows/Highlights.


Abandoned House. Oberon. Photoshop Poster Edges filter.


Abandoned House 2/Selfie Reflection. Photoshop Filter Sumi-e.

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Man (reluctant mode!) at Window. Carrington Hotel, Katoomba. Photoshop Neon Glow filter.


Open Window. Carrington Hotel. Katoomba. Photoshop Poster Edges and Photo filters.


Front Veranda Window. Carrington Hotel. Photoshop Dark Strokes filter.


Window. The Carrington Hotel, Katoomba. Photoshop Accented Edges filter.


Window in Billiard Room. Carrington Hotel, Katoomba. Photoshop Cut Out filter.


Window. The Carrington Hotel, Katoomba. Photoshop Accented Edges.


Loungeroom Windows. House my Dad built and where I grew up. Photoshop Sumi-e filter.

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And now Playtime – with Photoshop and  Nik Color Efex and Topaz filters.

NewWindowPlay7BwebLinking with Nature Footstep Abstract


As always, thank you for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday. I love seeing the work  of people from all over the world – I am sure you do too:)

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Proud – Song – ography Challenge

I have discovered a new for me that is. Kathy at You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out’s song-ography challenge. The theme this week is Proud. I am proud of lots of things….my family especially. But since they’re not crazy about having their pics on my blog ( I do occasionally manage to squeeze one or two in!) I chose something I made (and sold) some time ago. It was a one off – a painted cat pendant. I was almost hoping it didn’t sell. So here it is.

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