Mandarin Orange Monday 124


It is Christmas time.. a busy time and  a  family and friends time. This week I am showing you some snippets of pre – Christmas activities. First, and very importantly, the decoration of the Christmas tree. We have had this tree since my son was about the age our grandson is now. We tried real trees, but not good for me (made me sneeze and wheeze) and not good for the environment ( a later consideration). Every year Michael and I would buy one new special decoration to add to the tree. One year we came home with a whole new tree – a pre Christmas special I  could not resist. We still use the same tree and the same decorations. There are even two which our son made at infants school for us.

This week one of Matty’s friends came to visit, a very special visit – the decoration of the tree. I can’t actually show you their beautiful faces, but I sneaked in a tiny snippet. They had such fun and worked so co-operatively. The funny thing is, one side is gold and the other silver, usually it is one or the other. Matty chose gold tinsel and Lilli chose silver! They were also fascinated by the hand made decorations made by Matty’s daddy so long ago. And they were very happy and proud of their efforts, as of course we were.

The picture in the middle is another kind of Christmas preparation. I gave each of my young students a little present…a special kind of pencil…and spent hours rolling each one up in cellophane and tying on ribbons. Then I tied them into four bunches…one bunch for each class. And they loved them too:)

Happy Holidays and Happy Christmas:))


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Thank you for a fun year on Mandarin Orange Monday. MoM is taking a short break, as is Geometric Friday.

Mandarin Orange Monday will be back 25 January, 2015. In the meantime, I hope to join in as memes and challenges as I can.

Geometric Friday 15


Welcome again to Geometric Friday. Thank you again for your images and your comments. I look forward to seeing what you have for GF today. Remember, unlike Mandarin Orange Monday, it can be straight from the lens photography – or any other form of art.


Geometric Friday and Mandarin Orange Monday will both be taking a holiday break. GM will be back Friday 23 January, 2015.


There will  be one more Mandarin Orange Monday before it takes a break. The last MoM for the year will be Monday 22 December. Mandarin Orange Monday will return Monday 26th January.

In the meantime I hope to join up with many of the other memes I have been wanting to do artwork for.

Thank you so much for your support and friendship:)

Happy  Holidays:)!! And Happy Christmas:)


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Mandarin Orange Monday 123


The Sydney Botanic Gardens is one of my favourite places. I have my own childhood memories of holiday family picnics as well as those of my son’s childhood. In fact, the first real grass he ever touched was at the Botanic Gardens. He reached out from his sheepskin rug to feel it. At home we had a pebbly backyard. We now take our grandson there to discover its mysteries.

One of my favourite more recent sections  is the Succulent Garden. My son used to walk around the wall holding my hand while we looked at those amazing forms. Here are some recent pics I took while visiting with a friend… who also is named Lorraine:) I believe you have met her before;)





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Thank  you everyone for your images and comments last week. I am sorry I have been so late with my return visits. School finishes next week, reports were finished last week…so life will be a little simpler. But of course…Christmas is coming up we ALL are going to be busy. Let’s hope we will all be “happy busy” …I even bought a rose quartz bracelet….apparently a “happy bracelet” :))

Geometric Friday 14



Welcome to Geometric Friday and thank you for sharing your geometric artwork last week. And of course, I also thank you for your comments. I always enjoy reading and responding to them…even if I am sometimes a little late!



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Mandarin Orange Monday122



More of the Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House 



Iphone image – cropped

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Photoshop with the help of Nik Color Efex and Topaz Filters.


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Playing with layers and filters

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Geometric Friday 13


This is the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. A beautiful building, on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour, designed by the Danish architect Jørn Oberg Utzon.  There was much controversy involving the design, particularly the interior and sadly, Utzon resigned before it was finished. Late in the 1990s there was a reconciliation and he, together with his son, Jan,  made major improvements to interiors.

I took these pics before the performance had started…so I felt it was probably alright to do this. Phones with cameras have become so useful, especially such for spontaneous shots .

This is a section of the roof and organ. I have saved the other shots for Mandarin Orange Monday. The irony is, that the original photo really did have an orange glow:)



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Mandarin Orange Monday 121




Welcome back Mandarin Orange Monday people to LorikArt… its original home.

 And welcome back to the Megalong Valley (map), in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

You saw the wheel up close on Geometric Friday…now for the whole structure and a short explanation of its place in the history of this area.


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If you want to know more about The Bleichert Counterwheels.


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Geometric Friday 12



A relic from the past – in the Megalong Valley, which is in the Blue Mountains, NSW  and overlooked by  the newly restored Hydro Majestic Hotel. Soon I  will show you this beautiful building, restored in all its glory – as well as more of this “relic”.

The wheel, together with its connecting parts, will also feature in Mandarin Orange Monday – which from now on,  you will find here at Lorik Art, its original home.



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And now for Dusty:) This song went round and round in my mind as I worked on these images.

Geometric Friday 11


The Beautiful Windows at the Carrington Hotel

Earlier this week  we stayed again at the historic Carrington Hotel in Katoomba. It was a special occasion..our 38th wedding anniversary. We chose a “traditional room” – no spa or mountain views (views now spoiled by a modern shopping mall below) but with multicoloured bay windows.


Straight from Camera – except for cropping and straightening.

2VerticalWndowblueWEB 3VerticalWndowBWweb



Straight from Camera -except for cropping and straightening.

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Now it is your turn to add your geometric images. Remember they can be any  kind of art as long as it is your own work. Photography can be straight from the camera or processed. I would love to see a variety of media – fibre art, sculpture, drawing and of course, painting.

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Geometric Friday 10


As many do when they are young, we travelled the world – first as what is today called “backpackers” and later on, with our 10 year son, in slightly more comfortable, but still adventurous, conditions.

The first image is a scan of one of my many slides. When I first bought my little scanner, I scanned happily away for hours…then I stopped. Later I bought a new, wiz bang scanner even scans negatives…and once again scanned away…for a while. Finding this image has inspired be to get out those slides again. How many of us have all those memories tucked away in little boxes with yellow lids?

The place was India, the year was 1989, but unfortunately I have forgotten the city and the name of the building. I do remember that from up there, we could look down on a huge river scattered with water buffalo… a pretty amazing sight. Maybe I will find those slides too!


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